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A G M  SEPT 2023

Annual General Meeting


Date: 27th September 2023

Day: Wednesday

Time: 7.30pm sharp

Venue: Redcliffe Dolphins Leagues Club, Ashmole Road (Presidents Room).


NOTE: If you cannot attend, please provide a “your Proxy” so we can achieve the minimum numbers necessary for a “Quorum” and thereby enable the AGM meeting to be formally conducted.


This is my first year in office. I would like to thank the committee for their hard work. Much has been happening behind the scenes.

The website is being updated and is the window for waterways history and information on our Association.Our email address is monitored and questions will be answered.

Questions for MBRC (“Moreton Bay Regional Council” re-named as “City of Moreton Bay”) can be raisedby NWPOA through NWAG meetings (Newport Waterways Advisory Group).

For those without technology we will use our best endeavours to mail drop.

The Constitution sets out as the first objective. “To maintain and enhance the natural and built environment of the Newport Waterways Estate.”

To that end our committee’s involvement with NWAG is your access to “City of Moreton Bay”, issues concerning maintenance of your estate. Your canal levy is a significant portion of the funding mix.

Our last NWAG meeting in August 2023 should be of interest to all Newport Waterways residents. The information from this meeting is on our website and includes the Agenda, Draft minutes, UnauditedFinancial Statements for the maintenance fund, and the 50-year maintenance plan.The committee needs access to an engineer and an accountant to drill down into the detail to ensure we are utilising best practice to maintain the waterways. If you can provide professional assistance,please contact the committee through our email address. ( )

NWPOA has built a strong, supportive working relationship with NAG (Newport Action Group).They have a different focus from NWPOA as they concentrate on wider community issues.

  • Revetment Walls: Currently with Council and no news is good news.
  • Newport Marina Development: Submissions with Council town planning
  • The NAG website gives you additional information on these issues.

This Newsletter includes AGM Notice, Agenda, S Resolution, Nomination, Proxy, and Membership forms.

Come to the AGM

Craig Baker | President | 3 September 2023


1.Opening and Apologies

2.Call for Proxies

3.Minutes of last AGM

4.Presidents Report and Financial Statement

5.Receive The Accounts

6.Election of New Committee Members for next 12 months.

All positions on the management committee will be declared vacant at the AGM with nominations from the floor for all committee positions for the next 12 months. NWPOA has a non-discriminatory policy with committee positions open to all male and female members of all ages from 18 to 99.

  • President – vacant
  • Secretary – vacant
  • Treasurer – vacant
  • Membership Registrar – vacant
  • Website & IT Administrator – vacant
  • Trailer Manager – vacant

Appointment of Auditors – Ken Clift Pty Ltd

General Business & formal motions (as detailed below)

SPECIAL RESOLUTION to change the constitution.

“To remove all reference to Newport Neighbourhood Watch from the NWPOA Constitution”

NOTE: If you cannot attend, please provide a “your Proxy” so we can achieve the minimum numbers necessary for a “Quorum” and thereby enable the AGM meeting to be formally conducted.