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Membership Benefits

Why become a Member??? We’re glad you asked!

1. NEWPORT WATCH - Safety and Security for your Family and Property

  • Newport Watch is the state’s longest-running Neighbourhood Watch program and was the reason for the formation of the NWPOA.
  • The Newport Waterways area continues to enjoy a very low crime rate due to the vigilance of members who communicate through Zone Captains and a very active Committee.
  • Members are informed on how to improve personal safety as well as household and boat security.
  • Neighbours look out for each other, reporting suspicious activity in real time via our closed Facebook group.
  • Newport Watch stickers identify member properties as a further deterrent.

2. PROFESSIONAL LIAISON with Relevant Government Agencies

  • The NWPOA Provides a credible, consistent voice for your Community with agencies such as MBRC, MSQ, DERM/ EPA/ QPWS, Boating & Fisheries, and Police when residents’ needs are identified.
  • Meeting three times a year with MBRC through the NWAG process. Items discussed previously include the canal levy, general rates, spoil pond, vessels anchored in canals without authorisation, etc.
  • NWAG meeting with MBRC to deliver the best possible outcomes for residents in the sand canal transformation process, maintenance and dredging of the entire Newport Canal system and the development of revetment-to-revetment maintenance processes by MBRC.
  • Noteworthy is that we are the only committee to meet regularly with Council since the amalgamation in 2008.

3. SOURCE OF INFORMATION relevant to Newport Residents

  • Find local business services through the NWPOA Business Directory on our website.  If you have a business to advertise, please contact the Secretary for more details.
  • Access information on the requirements to construct features on your property, such as pontoon, decks, ramps, and revetment walls.
  • Our General Meetings and communication keep members up to date with current local news items including sand canal transformation, maintenance planning, dredging schedules, and entrance leads matters.
  • Our bi-monthly newsletter ‘Newport News’ is distributed to all members and contains updates and items of interest to Newport residents.
  • Stay connected to your neighbours through our closed Facebook Group.

4. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES for all ages!

  • Our popular ‘Sundowners’ regular social meetings on the esplanade allow members to meet in a casual friendly setting – bring your own drinks and nibbles, catch up with old friends and make new ones!
  • The much-loved Christmas Pipers and Santa Claus delivering lollies from the canals on Christmas morning to all Newport residents. The kids love it… and so do the adults!
  • Christmas Lights Competition – it’s neighbour against neighbour in this hotly contested spectacular display of lights. Members can enter for free and vie for a place in the top three best lights of the year!
  • Easter Egg Hunt is a much-loved activity for the kids every year.


  • Need a trailer? No problem! As a member you can borrow our trailer to take care of all those odd jobs FOR FREE! CLICK HERE TO BOOK.
  • Free Boat license training for kids! Your 16-year old child or grandchild can do their boating course for FREE! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

All this for a very low annual fee!

Support your local community and help our association in its endeavours to enhance the Newport lifestyle for you and your neighbours.

Are you ready to join? Click to download the form:


To renew your membership, download the form and hand it with payment to your Zone Captain.