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Newport Waters Property Owners Association

Ask around town about the suburb of Newport and you will often hear the same thing – the suburb of Newport brings together the best of waterside living coupled with a strong, welcoming community spirit.

Delve a little deeper and underneath this community spirit you will find a representative body with a rich history driving this spirit, known as the Newport Waterways Property Owners Association.


Newport Action Group

Newport is unique because of its beautiful bayside surrounds and its warm and cohesive community. Residents and visitors connect and identify with its special character.

Newport Action Group (NAG) is not against development. It is against inappropriate development that erodes or is inconsistent with Newport’s character and environmental amenity.

NAG was formed as a grass-roots response to a concern that Governments may endorse the sacrificing of a unique neighbourhood in the name of ‘progress’.

Our Objectives

  • To conserve the Character of Newport;
  • To protect the amenity of the environment of Newport;
  • To represent a community voice in relationship to government decision making; and
  • To monitor and evaluate major development proposals.

Since 2018 NAG members have committed to ensuring that the lifestyle and amenity that Newport offers its community are not overruled by inappropriate development or forgotten by its representatives.

Coastguard Redcliffe

Coastguard Redcliffe – Flotilla Details

QF3 Redcliffe

1 Thurecht Parade
Scarborough, Queensland 4020