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Membership includes support for:

  • Access to website and e-Newsletters
  • Sorce of information applicable for all Newport property owners
  • Free use of NWPOA courtesy Trailer
  • The Newport Waters ADVISORY Group (NWAG) promotimg positive communications between the NWPOA and MBRC to make a positive contribution in relation to a sustainable maintenance program of the Newport Waterways canal system. NWAG advises the MBRC Director Engineering Construction on strategic and policy matters and makes recommendations for sustainable maintenance of the Newport canal system.
  • Professional liaison with approptriate Government agencies.
  • Social activities organised for all ages. Sundowners once every month, see and hear the pipers before Christmas, see Santa on canals at Christmas Day.

Membership Renewal & New Members (Preferred system)

On-Line system with PayPal or Bank Funds Transfer

On-Line membership Renewal and New Members application

New members should include:

  • property address
  • email address
  • phone number

Membership Renewal & New Members (Old-school method)

Old-school system of membership payment for those who prefer it this way.
If possible, we prefer the On-Line method of membership payment

NWPOA are updating our online systems.

If you have difficulty using our on-line payment system, you may revert to downloading a Renewal PDF form so that you can make the payment possible.

Direct debit details are on the form or other methods of payment are listed.

New members should include:

  • property address
  • email address
  • phone number