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Pollution Event Procedure

What to report as general marine pollution

General Marine Pollution Reporting

The following general marine pollution incidents should be reported:

  • Spills or leaks of any quantity of oil. If oil can be seen on the water then it is probably an illegal discharge. Oil includes waste oil, fuel oil, sludge, lube oil, and other additives.
  • Any discharge from a vessel involving packaged goods or washings of chemical or dry cargoes.
  • Any garbage disposed of into the sea. This includes any plastics, paper, bottles, metal, incinerator ask, fishing gear, and other general waste.
  • Visible floating solids or water discolouration from sewage effluent discharged from vessels.


Pollution events involving sewerage networks should be reported to UnityWater.

Pollution events from land-based sources should be reported to our local laws or Public Health teams via Council’s Contact/Call centre (by phone or on-line).

Note: Normal stormwater inflows through the network are not considered a pollution event.