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History of Newport Waterways Advisory Group (NWAG)

Each quarter, the Moreton Bay Regional Council co-ordinates an Advisory Meeting which comprises representatives of the Council, representatives of the Newport Waterways Property Owners Association, and representatives of Seaside Estates (the developers).

The purpose of NWAG is to promote positive communications between the parties and make a positive contribution in relation to a sustainable maintenance program of the Newport Waterways canal system. It advises the MBRC on strategic and policy matters and makes recommendations for sustainable maintenance of the Newport canal system.

Current discussions with Council in this process include the sand canal to gravel canal transformation process; ensuring the MBRC develops and maintains a revetment wall to revetment wall maintenance program for ALL canal properties; the ongoing dredging program including the spoil pond capacity, and other items affecting the canals.
The meetings endeavour to address the issues that are of interest to the majority of all residents, and this may not always satisfy the interest of an individual resident.

Brief History

Since the commencement of the Canals in the early 1980’s informal meetings between (then) Redcliffe City Council officers and NWPOA representatives have been held to discuss matters relating to the canals. The earliest formal minutes held on file at Council reflect from July 2000 although we are aware that informal meetings were held prior to then. These informal meetings were held every 3 – 6 months or as needed.

The more formal Newport Waterways Advisory Group was established at its first meeting on 1/6/2004. These meetings were again held generally on a 3 – 6 month basis until the last meeting under the Redcliffe City Council prior to Council amalgamations. With the creation of Moreton Bay Regional Council in March 2008, all former advisory groups under the Redcliffe City Council were discontinued. The Newport Waterways Advisory Group was re-established post amalgamation
with its first meeting on 25 February 2009. Meetings have been held every 3 months since and a report is presented to the MBRC Director Engineering Construction on a regular basis.

Newport Waterways Advisory Group

Mission Statement

The Newport Waterways Advisory Group will make a positive contribution to assist
the Council to enhance sustainable maintenance of the publicly accessible Newport
Waterways canal system.

Objectives of the Newport Waterways Advisory Group

  • To provide a consultative mechanism which will allow positive cooperation
    between the Council and residents of Newport Waterways in an effort to
    manage the maintenance of the Newport public canal system;
  • To assist the Council in the development of policies and strategies for the
    sustainable maintenance of the Newport public canal system.
  • The Advisory Group is not responsible for operational matters outside of the